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The itineraries of PaintingTheFashion ‘Beauty and look’ and ‘Special for man’ are enriched with additional services and treatments; between the various Milanese collaborations and not only PaintingTheFashion can include the historic Kiehl’s brand and in particular the boutique in Via Dante in Milan, a wonderful space of 300 square meters on two floors, a true paradise of well-being. For those not yet familiar with Kiehl’s, it is clear that this is a line of products for the skin and hair with ingredients of natural origin that since 1851, the date of birth of the laboratory, invests in skills of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and botanical origins. The packs are simple and essential in shape because the New York cosmetic house, now owned by L’Oreal, invests mainly in the ingredients, many of which are of natural origin and suitable for the most sensitive skin.
What characterizes Kiehl’s is the dedication to the customer: the highly professional and competent staff identifies, after a consultation of the leather, the treatment that best suits the needs of the buyer. In addition to the various treatments dedicated to man, the Kiehl’s boutique, located in the heart of Milan, offers male customers a unique experience linked to the barber service, in a very special and exclusive corner it is possible to choose between: shaving and cutting traditional, the American treatment with seven warm cloths and essential oils or a simple beard adjustment for the most hurried. The service is also available for the cutting and care of the little ones’ hair.
Once the products have been purchased, the bag will be prepared on which will be sprayed a persistent and very pleasant essence that will accompany the customer for the entire day of shopping.
In addition, a Photo Booth is located inside the store in via Dante which offers the possibility of taking pictures in order to personalize your gifts.
. Discover the benefits on these products reserved for PaintingTheFashion customers Special thanks to Cristiano Faina

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