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Give the PaintingTheFashion Gift Card

Do you want to give a useful, unprecedented thought for the holidays and special occasions for the well-being of the person? A shopping session or an image consultation can be a welcome gift! How many times have we heard. . .
  • sister complaining about wrong purchases,
  • the wife who wants to find out how to value herself,
  • the boyfriend who never guesses the right match for his looks?
With the PaintingTheFashion Gift Card you can improve your image thanks to the suggestions of an expert Gift Card PaintingTheFashion - Chrismas Edition

You can choose a service from those offered

  • An exclusive shopping session lasting 3 hours: the purchasing consultant will accompany the customer to the boutiques of the city of Milan;
  • A 2-hour image consultancy: we will proceed with the analysis of the figure and colors, then we will recommend the right shades and the garments most suited to your physical type. After consulting, a useful form will be sent to remind the customer of the most suitable colors and shapes.
Consulenza d'Immagine in regalo

For more information and to book the Gift Card write to: Possibility to choose between the following cities: Milan, Rome and Naples