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PaintinTheFashion: professional Personal Shopping services

PaintingTheFashion offre professional Personal Shopping services thanks to the proven experience of the founder and image consultant Adele Langella who, combining her passion for fashion with the utmost attention to detail, will advise you and help you with your purchases, respecting your needs and your look.

PaintingTheFashion personal shopper services are suitable for both women and men, with different spending options: from those who want to be fashionable while saving those who want only the best quality.

The personal shopper service is available in the cities of Milan, Rome and Naples and can also be combined with artistic itineraries to discover the cultural heritage of the city..

Personal Shopper a Milano Personal Shopper a Roma Personal Shopper a Napoli

Why contact a Personal Shopper?

Many people ask, “Why should I go to a personal shopper, I know how to dress myself!” The reasons are simple: greater savings, personalized purchases and indicated for their own needs and above all the possibility of being followed by an expert image consultant able to enhance the customer while respecting his requests and needs. Adele Langella is a highly qualified personal shopper with a wealth of experience and skills in the field of fashion. Adele will be able to follow you and advise you in an objective and impartial way, providing you with a series of suggestions on the products to buy to enhance your look. Relying on a fashion consultant with years of experience, attention to detail and customer needs means saving and making a safe investment: the job of the personal shopper begins by examining the buyer’s requests in order to better understand the his needs and to induce him to make conscious purchases, maximizing the time available and avoiding unnecessary or superfluous expenses.


When and why can PaintingTheFashion make a difference?

Have you accumulated dozens of dresses in the closet without ever wearing them? Are you always dissatisfied with your look for big occasions? The personal shopper identifies and recommends the outfits that best enhance the customer’s appearance by suggesting the most suitable clothing for every occasion of use. “I know all the boutiques in Milan, Rome and Naples very well and I will be able to be an objective and impartial friend and establish a relationship of trust that lasts over time.” Based on everyone’s needs, style and attitudes, it will be possible to suggest a personalized shopping itinerary through the most suitable shops for different needs. It will be possible to work on the client’s image, both everyday and business, as well as big events such as a wedding invitation, a birthday party, a romantic dinner and much more. Your style and image will be enhanced and best characterized.


Shopping, but also personal care, beauty and culture

Next to the personal shopper service it is also possible to request a hairdresser, a professional make-up artist or a series of beauty treatments. In addition to the more traditional shopping itineraries, PaintingTheFashion offers tours related to art with the name Shop-Art for those who do not want to visit only boutiques but want to learn about exhibitions and artistic assets of Milan, Rome and Naples. The proposed shopping and art itineraries will bring an interesting and unique experience to life, alternating moments of relaxation and pleasure, discovering unexpected corners of the city and the most varied artistic and museum attractions. The service, aimed at men and women, is also offered as a gift, by purchasing the special gift card on the site; a creative and different thought than usual, to amaze with a surprise of sure impact.


Personal Shopper in Milan, with Shop-Art tours in the fashion capital

Personal Shopper Milan

The Shop-Art tours in Milan include different areas of the city and satisfy the most varied preferences. For example the shopping tour is proposed where it is possible to visit an exhibition at the Royal Palace and take a coffee break in the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, the splendid “Milan salon”. For lovers of architecture and contemporary art, a visit to the Excelsior concept store, the temple of shopping conceived by archistar Jean Nouvel, is proposed; the itinerary continues with a visit to the Museo del Novecento to learn about the works of the greatest artists of the last century and the spirit of the Milan of the past. Among the different tours where art is co-protagonist, PaintingTheFashion proposes the Shop-Art itinerary in Brera where it will be possible to discover the most bohemian area of ​​Milan with its splendid artisan realities and exclusive boutiques; the itinerary completes the visit to the Pinacoteca di Brera, one of the most important Italian art galleries.


Personal Shopper in Rome, with Shop-Art tour in the capital of Italy

Personal Shopper in Rome

For those who do not want to visit only boutiques but want to learn about exhibitions and artistic heritage of Rome, shopping tours are organized in the center where you can admire the artistic beauty of the Eternal City, go shopping between Via del Corso and Via del Babuino and stop in one of the most exclusive city cafes.

PaintingTheFashion also selects the most suitable boutiques such as the Campo Marzio itinerary for the different customer needs and completes the tour with a visit to the Pantheon.

The itinerary dedicated to the shops and vintage shops will include a visit to the Contarelli chapel in the church of San Luigi dei Francesi to admire and learn about the famous works and history of Caravaggio.


Personal Shopper in Naples, with Shop-Art tour

Personal Shopper in Naples

In the city of Naples, where art and fashion come together in a perfect union, PaintingTheFashion can combine the traditional shopping tour with an artistic tour rich in cultural heritage.

The most suitable shops will be selected according to the customer’s needs and approached to the knowledge of a Neapolitan monument: for example, purchasing advice in Via Roma will be enriched by a visit to the Royal Palace or the Maschio Angioino, interspersed with a pause in an exclusive and historic café.

For those who want to visit the most elegant shops and tailors of Naples, after a coffee in the exclusive Piazza dei Martiri we will visit the Ovo castle. The customer will be the protagonist of a unique and princely tour.