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Some testimonials:

‘I have received an original gift from my sister: a shopping tour with Adele who has exceeded all my expectations ! Always I have been trying to quit (without success) humdrum of grays and blacks on the job. Adele has show me new stores, she advised on purchases that enhance myself a lot and gave me valuable advice on matching my clothes. She was able to figure out which were my needs and depending on these encourage me to change. I really understood that with the right advice and some new clothes you can have a different look. For this reason (And not only) I recommend to all of you her services! She is a real expert! An hug” Gianna L.R., manager

“I went to Adele for image advice, because I wanted to see myself in a different way and to find the motivation to “reinvent myself” in many respects. I found a true professional with all the patience (and even more) that I was missing. She puts a lot of dedication and passion into everything she does. Always with a smile 🙂 ” Federica Landi, communication manager

Professionalism, competence originality, the ability to capture perfectly the aspects to work on, then proposing balanced and non-obvious solutions, all with a great attention to detail. That’s what struck me most about the services of personal shopper and image consulting provided by Adele. All of this was made ​​fun because of her constant smile, her spontaneity and patience. Thank you! Rossella S. , Lawyer

“I would strongly recommend the image consulting services and personal shopping offered by PaintingtheFashion. What I like most about PaintingtheFashion is, in addition to the great use of these services, they can transform the appearance of a person, even a person who works in the field, someone with the knowledge and professionalism of someone who comes from the fashion industry. And the energy and their collaborative approach is great. Absolutely recommended, thank you! ” Maria Chiara Mussoni, boutique owner

Thank you SO much for today Adele.I knew my instinct was correct – you are a genius! It is much clearer to me now what I should buy. It is very hard to start again when you move jobs, but even more difficult is moving countries where the climate is also different, but you always kept me smiling! It was very clear the colours and the styles I should be looking for. I know I am a difficult client (!) and you did a fantastic job, My favourite things were the style card with the images (very clear for me and inspirational, but also achievable) and also when you made fantastic combinations out of my existing clothes. Thank you! I turned to Adele because I had the need to renew and improve my image in the workplace. She patiently accompanied me to some tailoring shops where she helped select tailored suits of great workmanship and quality, perfect for my needs. Natalie Watkins, business coach consultant

“I have always been impressed your proposals: indisputably elegant, different from what you see in the shopping window but above proposals that tell a” story “or better watching them I imagined the” history “of the woman / man who would wear. Then one day I see the ‘SOS Wardrobe’ and I say, well it’s time to rationalize and to tell us better. Exactly what I wanted !!! Different combinations, rational choices already made and in the future and the courage to dare with confidence that a competent and “right” eye would have said no if he had to. A beautiful shot of novelty, good taste and sophistication simply opening my wardrobe through your eyes. Tks Adele!:) L.N., Lawyer

“Before I met Adele, I had always thought that the services of personal shopping and image consulting were simply a whim or something for rich people. I thought that a bit of good taste and maybe the advice of a sincere friend was enough to dress well. But to use someone as professional and competent as Adele, is much more. Among her services I tested to the satisfaction: the image consulting and personal shopping for both new wardrobe and something for a special occasion, the wedding of a dear friend. Adele first studied my silhouette and body shape to understand my weaknesses and my strengths, then she did an analysis of colour, skin tone, eye colour and hair, to provide me with a detailed description of the colours she suggested should be in my wardrobe. I was fully satisfied with her work because she was able, also, to understand my personality and offer me a look in line with my taste.” Cristina Simone, media consultant

“Adele has been important for me in a moment of my life when everything seemed dull and colourless, she suggested colours, new daring cuts for my silhouette but also a burst of energy and positivity. Today I feel more beautiful and sure of myself! Thanks Adele!” Chiara Denti, employed

I turned to Adele because I had the need to renew and improve my image in the workplace. She patiently accompanied me to some tailoring shops where she helped select tailored suits of great workmanship and quality, perfect for my needs. Then I asked if it was possible to renew my wardrobe for leisure; after a shopping session the dedicated Adele identified some outfits for me that were quite classic yet original and never repetitive, for an elegant look and never banal. Just what I wanted. In summary I can say I was fully satisfied by the service offered. Gianluca Maggi, entrepreneur

“I turned to Adele in a very turbulent time for my wardrobe: after childbirth I had not yet returned to my previous size and I was still nursing. It seemed that nothing I owned looked good and it had become an anguish. An afternoon with a personal shopper was useful to understand what I looked good in at that time, how to value my strengths in general and how to slide the eye from my weaknesses. If you know what looks good on you dressing is a pleasure at any time! ” Benedetta Consonni, journalist

“At the weekend I sought the advice of PaintingTheFashion and the result was fantastic. The professionalism, passion, enthusiasm in advising enabled me to enjoy an experience of pure shopping fun and it was very satisfying. To be accompanied by a personal shopper so attentive to your needs and strengths is a gift that all of us should give ourselves at least once in our lifetime. I highly recommend you do! ” Francesca Fabrizi, resp training

“Thanks to her high professional preparation and boundless kindness her precious colour chart always accompanies me while shopping ” Biancostella, housewife

Before I contacted PaintingTheFashion I did not imagine in any way that the way you dress could change the perception that people have of us, I never liked to go shopping and I’ve always been confused about clothes to choose from, with Adele I found a style that reflects me, she was very good at understanding my needs, considering my interests in the choices and in building an image that I now really like! Thanks again Jacopo Guerrini, insurer

“An afternoon of shopping under the guidance of a professional fashionista. I needed to shop for my evenings and leisure and I needed someone to quickly compose my outfit perfectly. Adele Langella was a clever personal shopper that I would recommend to anyone who loves fashion and has little time to devote to the boutiques in Milan ” Rossana Feola, singer